Adaptation of globally available technology to local use cases

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Family on a motorcycle

In localization, we try to use existing products and designs to achieve local objectives. Our people do this all the time. Obviously, the designer of this motorcycle did not envisage it could be used to transport the number of people riding this: We can find examples where our people take manufactured products to the limits – sometimes with disastrous effects. In this case, they simply used their native intelligence without adding any scientific value to the solution.

Dangerous as these ideas may be, if we were to add our engineering training to the product, there are situations where we can get superior products from the point of local requirements. A simple example is the yam pounder shown here. Direct local effort was made from a welder’s mindset with little engineering analysis. Imported solution was for cutting and slicing. Mixing the two, we can obtain a new product that:

  1. Takes the best ideas from the two solutions, leveraging the advantages of each;
  2. Achieves a solution that gains the advantages of both while avoiding the disadvantages;
  3. Creates a veritable platform for further engineering analysis and improvement.

In the rotor design here, we are able to use existing designs and localization to create a reliable rotor and gear system to deliver the needed action. Work is continuing here with the students doing further static and dynamic analyses while solving the new technical problem of rotor locking.

In this category, our judges are expecting participants to demonstrate the following:

  1. Understanding of the local problem to be solved;
  2. Evaluate the inadequacies of existing solutions: cultural, technical or otherwise;
  3. Proffer and test solutions that improves on existing solutions;
  4. Do theoretical and usage analysis.

In all, demonstrate the science they are bringing to the table that places their solution at a level higher than the motorcycle case shown above.

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