About the Competition.

$10 000
Grand Prize
Category Prizes
Top 10 Finalist Prizes

Looking to compete in the S2PAfrica Engineering Design Competition?

This competition is open to teams of engineering students from any university program in West Africa. Each team must  submit a proposal for a new research, learning, or other application that fits into at least one of our competition categories


If accepted, teams shall submit a prototype of their solution using engineering design skills for competition.  Prototypes submitted before the competition deadline will be reviewed by a panel of expert judges.


Our judges  will choose the best for each category to win the category prize and the top 10  overall prototypes. The top 10 finalists will be invited to present their prototype to the judges who will select the grand prize winner.


If you would like more information, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us  or attend one of our info sessions

Info Sessions

Goals of the Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Can teams who qualified in the First Call for applications change their categories?

Yes. You can send an email to edc@s2pafrica.org and make a request to resubmit your application.

Are people with Higher National Diplomas (HND) allowed to participate?

HND students or fresh graduates are allowed to participate provided they meet the application standard provided.

Something was mentioned about submitting a prototype on the competition website. As students, the cost of creating one is pretty steep and might be slightly difficult. Is this compulsory?

A physical prototype is not compulsory. Our interest is to see that you have connected theory to product making.

Are there other capacities/roles (other than sponsorship) that interested industry professionals can partner to scale this initiative?

Whatever form in which you participate is a type of sponsorship. However, if you have any unique partnership or sponsorship ideas, you’re welcome to engage us through an email to edc@s2pafrica.org or via the sponsorship page on the website and we can proceed from there.

What's the maximum number of members in a group for the competition?

We do not specify a maximum but keep the number reasonable, and justify every member contributing to the team. A one-man applicant is also acceptable but not advisable.

My project falls under several categories should I include all in my application?

Yes, you should. In fact, the more categories the better. The categories are simply there to provide a guide for your work.

What if I don't have any experience with Autodesk Fusion 360, can I use other CAD softwares e.g SolidWorks for my solid modelling?

We will not reject projects done with SolidWorks, but you must submit it in Fusion 360 format. We are accepting Autodesk Fusion 360 because prizes have been specifically provided for its use by our sponsors at Autodesk. You can also learn to use it for the purpose of this competition. We are certainly open to sponsorships from SolidWorks and other software companies.

When is the EDC application deadline?

First Call for Application Deadline is Monday 1st November 2021.

Who can apply to EDC?

This Competition is for undergraduate students in the last two years of study (years 4 and 5) or recent 2021 graduates who will be required to design localized solutions addressing African challenges.