Fuel Cells and IoT

Dr. Andreas Putz

Dr. Putz currently holds the position of Principal Data Scientist at Ballard Power Systems, charged with building a state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) deployment and predictive maintenance for hydrogen fuel cell modules. He has extensive experience in industrial research for hydrogen-powered drive trains in the automotive industry. He has over 15 years of experience building and mentoring teams to bring client ideas to life: from concept to Proof of Concept to Minimum Loveable Product.


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Thank you!

Big thanks to all our attendees, competitors,  judges, corporate and individual sponsors for making the first S2P Engineering Design Competition a success.

Huge congratulations to our 10 finalists and to team  Koye Hydro who emerged ahead of over 40 teams as the Winner of the S2PAfrica EDC 2022, taking home $10,000 IDRC grand prize and $2000 from Cummins West Africa, to fund the development of their project as well as teams KeyTrick and Improved Charcoal Stove came in second and third respectively.

A new bar has been set and we can’t wait for EDC 2023.