EDC 2022 November Info Session

EDC's November Info Session was held on November 13, 2021. Here is a quick recap of what was delivered

Dr. Matthew Wallace introduced IDRC's work in West Africa, emphasizing the importance of making education and innovation relevant to the region.

Dr. Tunde Adegbola spoke about what S2P Africa has to offer and a few different ways for you to connect with us.


Special Announcement by Prof. Omotayo Fakinlede. We’re welcoming TWO additional judges to EDC 2022; Dr. Edward Diei, Managing Principal at LeanTech LLC, and Dr. Kome Oteri, a Principal Engineer at Apple Inc.

Dr. Victor Olaniyi presented some interesting data on the gross inadequacy of engineering and power generation in West African countries and highlighted the many dimensions competitors can explore in the Micro-grid Solutions Category of EDC 2022.

MASC Demo: As part of what S2P Africa offers, Emmanuel Olowosulu, gave a concise demo on how our testing platform (MASC) works.

The Pounded Yam Challenge: S2P Africa intern Fadil Ojifinni presented a prototype for a pounded yam blender, including the theory and engineering thinking behind the design.

How To Apply by Emmanuel Olowosulu. We concluded the presentations with a walk-through of the application process, laying emphasis on Competition requirements and the application sections.

About the AUTHOR

Science to Product Africa Initiative (S2PAfrica) is in the business of transforming and shaping lives. We are engaged in finding holistic solutions to the educational challenges of pre-industrial communities in Africa.

Thank you!

Big thanks to all our attendees, competitors,  judges, corporate and individual sponsors for making the first S2P Engineering Design Competition a success.

Huge congratulations to our 10 finalists and to team  Koye Hydro who emerged ahead of over 40 teams as the Winner of the S2PAfrica EDC 2022, taking home $10,000 IDRC grand prize and $2000 from Cummins West Africa, to fund the development of their project as well as teams KeyTrick and Improved Charcoal Stove came in second and third respectively.

A new bar has been set and we can’t wait for EDC 2023.