EDC 2022 October Info Session

EDC's October event was held on October 16, 2021. This info session introduces S2PAfrica's goals and objectives and provides information about the competition. A lot of the people who registered for the event were not able to attend. You will find here the videos from the session.

In this first video you will find:

  • The keynotes by Dr. Adewumi
  • The Idea of Science to Products by Dr. Adegbola
  • Purpose, Mission and Vision of S2P Africa by Prof. Fakinlede

In this video, Dr. Adewumi gives a brief description on how S2P Africa Virtual Lab works.

A brief introduction of what our interns are doing

Intern Presentation: Parametric Design and Simulation of a Fan Impeller

In the next set of Videos you will find:

  • Competition Overview by Prof. Fakinlede
  • Competition Application, Categories and Judging Criteria

About the AUTHOR

Science to Product Africa Initiative (S2PAfrica) is in the business of transforming and shaping lives. We are engaged in finding holistic solutions to the educational challenges of pre-industrial communities in Africa.

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