The InyangEffiong Interview

Engineer Inyang Effiong took early retirement from Shell and he is into a number of crazy things these days! I am not exaggerating! If a man will ride a bicycle from Lagos to Port Harcourt or ride a motorbike across the Sahara and cross to Europe, I think not many people will blame me for calling him crazy. Effiong himself pleads guilty to the charge!I knew him as a younger man when he was still in school studying to become an engineer late in the 1980’s. At that time he, with a group of equally crazy fellow students from Science, Engineering, Medicine, etc., taught themselves programming and, despite their declared majors in those days, they would scare any serious computer major. It is no wonder that today, Effiong and his co travellers have reached commanding heights in Software and services in the country.I was surprised that in his two visits to my place here in Omu Aran, Inyang has morphed into a reporter and journalist! Here are the two interviews we did together for the InyangEffiong Show. Enjoy!

About the AUTHOR

Prof. Fakinlede is a Mechanical Engineer with a doctoral degree in Computational Mechanics from the University of Alberta, and 35+ years of experience as an educator in two major Nigerian universities. Throughout his career, Prof. Fakinlede has worked tirelessly with donors, government, non-governmental organizations, and various industry partners, to reduce the infrastructural deficit in the practical training of engineers and the acquisition of industry-ready skills. Currently, he heads the IDRC funded project Rethinking the West African engineering ecosystem: New pilots for building capacity in research and advanced training in engineering. You can find out more about this project here.

Thank you!

Big thanks to all our attendees, competitors,  judges, corporate and individual sponsors for making the first S2P Engineering Design Competition a success.

Huge congratulations to our 10 finalists and to team  Koye Hydro who emerged ahead of over 40 teams as the Winner of the S2PAfrica EDC 2022, taking home $10,000 IDRC grand prize and $2000 from Cummins West Africa, to fund the development of their project as well as teams KeyTrick and Improved Charcoal Stove came in second and third respectively.

A new bar has been set and we can’t wait for EDC 2023.