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Virtualized Laboratories

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3D solid modeling gives the ability to create models that can not only be tested for engineering quality but can be used to demonstrate the working of machines and equipment in ways that may not even be possible in areal laboratory. This involves the mixing of modeling, design, simulation, and prototyping drive to include software development.

Our modeling and simulation created a new vehicle for engineering education delivery: Virtual laboratories.

The combination of scenario automation and Computational Fluid Mechanics simulation we have been teaching opens the door to vigorously pursuing virtualized laboratories in areas of turbo machinery and energy devices. We are therefore getting to terms with the theme of our planned inter-university design competition to cap this project, which we hope to locate in these areas. Students are therefore not only to be competing to build engineering prototypes for use in the society, but to also develop virtualized laboratories that can be used as aids in engineering education. We plan to engage four undergraduate students making virtual laboratory models from October 1. This will begin with the low-lying fruits of Turbo machinery and energy efficient devices. We expect the participating students to be able to present professionally researched products for the design competition that will conclude this aspect of our project and help create models for an engineering education that is product-making driven.

Python code used to create the 3D models

Dynamic blade design using python

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About the AUTHOR

Dr. Adewumi, is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lagos. As a member of the IDRC project team, she teaches engineering design to undergraduates at the University of Lagos using a new curriculum that emphasizes practical applications in line with S2P principles. Currently, Dr. Adewumi heads the S2PAfrica internship program. Her team of undergraduate engineering students is engaged in developing virtualized laboratories for mechanical design.

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